"we design beautiful spaces that complements your culture"


We have a team of highly skilled and experienced designers who creates custom  interiors that always results in elegance and sophiscated design but it also meets the client's budget and time constraint. Moreover Konan Design Sdn Bhd is a cooperate member of MIID (Malaysian Institute of interior Designers)





  1. Briefing and requirements from the client

  2. Analyse the client's needs

  3. Preparation of furniture layout plan

  4. Selection of materials and design style 

  5. Preparation of artist impression and images

  6. Furniture, fixtures and equipments selection

  7. Colours and materials design

  8.  Design Development Package and Presentation Materials







Konan Design Sdn Bhd are able to provide full design & build services  for their client (turn key solutions) Konan design Sdn Bhd  is the Client's only point of contract where the client can simplify the whole process with contractors and suppliers. We always ensure that our design have high quality workmanship, beautifully crafted with the  finest materials and yet client's budget and time constraint are taken into account.



  1. Understanding the client's requirements

  2. Furnishing, fixture and materials selection

  3. Contract documents and specifications 

  4. Contractor negotiation or competitive bid coordination 

  5. Furniture contract specifications  













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